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A large segment of our population now requires more extensive medical assistance than ever before and qualifies to receive Medicare. Along with the increase in Medicare services, the government has stepped up its investigation of Medicare fraud. If, as a hospital or healthcare provider, your company or institution is under scrutiny or has been accused of Medicare fraud, it is vital to obtain the best legal counsel available to defend against charges.

Medicare fraud is prosecuted under a variety of federal and state statutes. Examples of fraud in Medicare billing include:

  • Services not delivered to patients
  • Items not provided to patients
  • Different services than patients received
  • Different items than patients received
  • Billed Medicare for home medical equipment when it is no longer in use.

The sooner our attorneys become involved in representing your case, whether in an investigation, hearing or trial, the more opportunity we have to effectively protect your rights. Please contact our law office at 305-529-3733 or send us an email to arrange a consultation.


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