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Sands & Moskowitz, P.A. represents individuals, businesses, accountants and other professionals throughout the U.S. and abroad in criminal tax cases. Our representation extends from the early stages of accusation brought against clients during IRS civil examinations and criminal or Federal grand jury investigations through trial, appeals and post-conviction actions.

As a business professional, you may have acquired extensive communication and administrative skills from dealing with matters in your business. You may feel confident that you can handle the IRS alone through use of your professional skills. However, when being questioned by an IRS agent or tax auditor, an improper response can often unwittingly set actions in motion that compound implications and lead to problems or indictment. Seeking legal counsel early on can avoid many pitfalls.

Our attorneys at Sands & Moskowitz, P.A. have extensive experience in criminal tax representation. Whether under investigation, indictment or needing appellate work for criminal tax matters please call our office at 305-529-3733 or send us an email to discuss how we can help.


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