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Investigations and hearings at the federal level often involve government agencies such as the IRS, SEC, FBI, DEA, Secret Service, Postal Inspectors, and ICE (CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION), to name a few. For many years business activities were only subject to the scrutiny of administrative or regulatory processes. However, more recently, Congress has also conducted investigations and public hearings to investigate companies and individuals.

Matters being investigated have ranged from the use of steroids in the sports industry and billing practices for Medicare to companies involved in de-regulation of energy. Such hearings and investigation frequently not only lead to loss of financial interests and reputation, but also to criminal indictment.

Securing accomplished legal advice and representation for investigations and hearings becomes invaluable. Choosing a law firm with extensive experience and exceptional skill in dealing with government agencies and congressional proceedings can spare you from embarrassing, if not threatening consequences.

Sands & Moskowitz, P.A. has years of experience involving investigation and hearings on both sides of the aisle – as prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your concerns regarding an investigation or hearing, please contact our office at 305-529-3733 or send us an email.


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